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Moving Checklist: all set?

Moving to a new apartment can sometimes turn into chaos. Fortunately, you have it quite easy: When you rent a fully furnished apartment at the elevon apartment house, you’ll save yourself a lot of moving stress! Because your apartment is already well-equipped.

What’s important when changing residences?

You don’t need a big truck, don’t have to recruit people for hauling, and can easily bypass some bureaucratic hurdles.
And with this practical downloadable moving checklist, your perfect start in the elevon apartment is almost guaranteed.

Here’s how you plan your move

Start your moving planning as early as possible, preferably before finalizing the lease agreement with elevon.

Especially if you’re currently living in your own rental apartment, there’s quite a bit to do! It’s a good idea to download our checklist as a PDF. You can use it to tick off everything that’s been completed.

Of course, depending on your current living situation, not everything may be relevant to you!

Free Download of our moving checklist

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